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Alternative electronic rock band "Dostoevsky Idiot" was born in 1996 in the basement of a big half-ruined building of Pushkinskaya 10, the very heart of St. Petersburg. Back then it was a kind of a black cultural Kremlin of united anti-official arts in the city of five million residents. Musicians have been calling themselves in different ways, like "orchestra of extreme music", "hard and heavy avant-garde movement", etc. In fact, all this should describe a band of varying number of musicians, sometimes up to 15, with a support of an avant-garde fashion show, sometimes circus artists and/or the "new ballet" dancers. A drunken clown (really without teeth) could be opening the ball. As far as music was concerned, it was quite eccentric and multi-rhythm "hard-and-heavy" with powerful and fat voice expressions. Rich energy of the people physically breaking wood on the stage was unexpectedly combined sometimes with symphonic sound of the "new" academic music. By the way, this was slightly uncovering the fact of classical musical background of these rockers. It is also important to mention that the musicians wore very strange and eclectic make up and costumes with medieval reminiscence, one can get a picture of their earlier performances. Elder bohemian crowds, who evidently themselves were doing something in arts, were unavoidably seen as their audiences. Soon, however, with times changing so very fast in Russia, the band, or "movement" of "Dostoevsky Idiot" undertook evident transformation. Avant-garde components radically decreased, music took more regular, pleasing and even dancing direction, attracting bigger gigs on bigger festivals, concerts and stadiums.

Concerning the style, again, it is often difficult to find parallels, especially here, when the band pretends to develop a new style. Earlier, the band sounded more monumental, symphonic and serious, even aggressive, like "Laibach" or "Rammstein", but probably a bit more "intelligent", then their ballads which sometimes resembled "Pink Floyd" during their best times, or other "golden rock classics". After adding now-popular components of so-called "nu-" or acid jazz, or even funk, which is far opposite to previously mentioned styles, one will understand the difficulty to define the music of "Dostoevsky Idiot". It is eclectic, yes, but times flies tremendously fast during their concerts and these people really play and sing very modern rock music, they play as it is their exclusive "life", they perform with huge skill and energy. In the end you always feel the rhythm of this music and it is not possible to mix or miss! There is always a certain enigma in it, and that namely is the virtue that makes them different from any other good, but rather common band.

Concerts and festivals:
St. Petersburg: City Rock Festival, Petrovski Stadium 1997; Sergei Kurekhin International Festivals, 1998, 2000; "Spartacus" club, 1999, 2000 etc.; "Red Club" 2002, 2003; club "Plaza", 2002; festival "Modernization", Ice Stadium, 2003; etc.
Moscow: Opening of XX Moscow International Film Festival, 1997, Pushkin Square; Central House of Painters, 1997; ; Kuntzevo Exhibition Hall, 1998; etc.
Hanover: World Exhibition, 2000;
Helsinki: Cable Factory 1997; Maimitalo 1997; Umo Jazz Club (Tusovka Klubi – Tusovka.Ru) 2004; etc.

TV performances and interviews:
Programs: "A" 1997, "Bohemia" 1998, "RTR News St. Petersburg" 2004 - RTR; "Vremetchko" 1999 and "Vremya St. Petersburg" 2003 – NTV; "Navigator" 2000 – CTC; "Disk-Channel" 1998 – TV-6 Moscow; "Hero of our time" 1998 – ORT; "Good Night" 2003 - Channel 100; etc.

"Gardarika" – 1999; "Maximum" (with "Batchinski and Stilain") – 2000; Record – 2000; Radio of Russia 2003; etc.

"Dostoevsky Idiot" is one of the few bands in Russia which try to unite several spheres of arts, such as music, avant-garde fashion performance, body-art, painting etc. to one powerful show. The participants are anonymous, avoiding, as they say, possibility to be identified privately with the name of famous Russian writer. The other reason why they do that is the tendency not to fix a quantity of participants, expending it from one performance to another. So, "Dostoevsky Idiot" looks rather like an artist movement, than simply a group of musicians.
As far as the music itself is concerned, audience may sometimes identify it with "Art of noise", sometimes with the bands playing modern hard-and-heavy, sometimes with avant-garde rock composers like Heiner Goebbels or others. The band exists from 1996 and since then has obtained a lot of interest from audience, press and TV.

About the songs, "Urody" ("Freak") can be looked at. The song describes with the means of wide scale, nearly symphonic sounding, an emotional crisis of Russian young middle-class person, tempted by Her Majesty Night with its illusionary freedom contrasting with JP's office life during day time.

The song "Lesbia" also is included in the album. Ancient Latin lyrics "To Lesbia" created by romantic Romlian poet Catulus are used in that song. Philosophical topics of Life unseparable from Love, taken together as a moment confronting the eternity of death, that's what it's about.

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